Commercial Property Conference

Date: 1st October 2019

Time: 09.30 – 17.00

CPD: 5 Hours

Phone Price: £69+vat

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Conference Topics

This full day conference is presented by Alan Riley, Mark Shelton and Richard Snape.

These leading experts will deliver highly demanded updates on the latest commercial property issues and will provide invaluable advice pertinent to today.

This course is aimed at qualified commercial property practitioners.

Dealing with tenant default and Insolvency

Presented By Alan Riley

What options does a landlord have when a tenant defaults? This session analyses those options, the risks landlords face when tenants enter administration or propose voluntary arrangements, whether forfeiture remains available, and whether other liable persons may still be pursued, and the restrictions applying to them.

Current issues with property contracts and deeds

Presented By Alan Riley

Proper execution of documents is a fundamental part of property work, and questions as to validity can easily arise. How are contracts validly entered into? What requirements apply for deeds? What is the view of the modern approach to obtaining a signature on a contract via email? Special consideration will be given to the Law Society Practice Note on “Execution of a document using an electronic signature”, the practice of having a document signed remotely, agency executions, contract variations, and all recent cases on making contracts and deeds.

Following attendance at this conference, delegates will:

  • Understand the options available to landlord clients when dealing with tenants who breach their leases or become insolvent; and
  • Understand the legal formality requirements applicable to land contracts and deeds.

Licence to Assign – Whether and How

Presented By Mark Shelton

When is it reasonable for a landlord to object to a lease assignment? What conditions may be imposed?

Overview of the latest case law on this perennial topic.

Following attendance at this conference, delegates will be able to:

  • Understand and apply the general principles derived from caseload in establishing what is or is not reasonable
  • Recognise the likely outcome on commonly recurring issues arising in relation to lease assignments
  • Apply lessons from case law in lease drafting, and in the conduct of applications
  • Access valuable guidance from relevant protocols
  • Reference the most up-to-date case law
  • Identify the preferred methods for coping with time pressure on applications
  • Appreciate the tactical implications of combined applications

Notices and notice provisions

Presented By Mark Shelton

Accurate drafting and correct service of notices is half the battle – but the war is won or lost in the drafting of the notice provision in the contract.

Following attendance at this conference, delegates will be able to:

  • Anticipate the practicalities of the service of notices in the drafting of the applicable notice provision, with reference to the address for service, issues arising out of joint parties, service on agents, and electronic methods of service
  • Understand the implications of different ways of specifying any applicable time limit so as to facilitate compliance
  • Identify where it may be appropriate to provide for specified forms of notice, and the pitfalls
  • Access available checks on the identity of the parties, and recognise their limitations
  • Understand and apply best practice rules in the drafting and service of notices
  • Appreciate how to approach required content such as price or rent

Acquisition and Disposal of Development Land

Presented By Richard Snape

This is an area which is of great importance to both lawyers and surveyors.  In particular, overage agreements can cause many problems.

Topics covered include:-

  • Overage and clawback
  • Enforceability of overage against third parties
  • Discharging restrictive covenants
  • Prevention of development through village greens and assets of community value claims
  • Community infrastructure levy:  latest developments