Residential Property Conference

Date: 2nd October 2019

Time: 09.30 – 17.00

CPD: 5 Hours

Phone Price: £69+vat

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Conference Topics

This full day conference is presented by Richard Snape, David Keighley and Stephen Desmond.

These 3 highly renowned legal trainers will deliver highly demanded updates on the latest residential property issues and will provide invaluable advice pertinent to today.

This course is aimed at qualified residential property practitioners.

Building Regulations and Planning Permission Update for Conveyancers

Presented By Richard Snape

Building regulations continues to be a major area in relation to conveyancing and planning permission has changed significantly in the recent years.  The course aims to look at the changes.

Topics covered include:-

  • Building regulations enforcement periods
  • The CML Lenders Handbook
  • Specific current areas of interest in relation to building regulations
  • Gas safe regulations changes
  • Planning enforcement periods
  • Changes to permitted development
  • Community infrastructure levy; the latest
  • General Permitted Development Order 2015
  • Housing and Planning Act 2016
  • Pre-commencement planning conditions

Easements : Practical Issues

Presented By David Keighley

Easement problems are amongst the most difficult legal issues to resolve. The relevant law can be complicated and arcane and often difficult to apply with any degree of certainty.

To add to the uncertainty, it is clear from recent decisions that the means by which an easement can be created are not closed, proving abandonment of an easement is tricky, and that the impact of the “Registration gap” is potentially a real danger. 

Topics covered include:

  • The potential implications of the Court of Appeal decision in Baker v Craggs
  • The real possibility of an easement being created by “accident”
  • Does an easement always go away if a person entitled to benefit agrees not to use it?

Residential Mortgages: When things go wrong

Presented By David Keighley

The extent of Solicitor’s liability towards mortgage lenders and borrower clients seems to be expanding. In addition to negligence claims action is also now being brought for breach of trust and/or breach of undertaking in appropriate cases.

There has also been a decision of the Court of Appeal resulting in solicitors being liable in negligence to a client engaged in Mortgage Fraud.

Topics covered include:

  • Actions against Solicitors based on Breach of Trust and/or undertaking,
  • Fraudulent Transactions: Impact on lender & Solicitors;
  • Impact of Negligence & Representations made to lenders;

Flat Leases: Current Issues for Conveyancers

Presented By Stephen Desmond

Long residential leasehold is a complex and high-risk area. This presentation is designed to provide you with a vital update on a range of important matters.

As there are usually regular developments in this area of the law, the content is liable to change.

The latest in leasehold reform is also covered.

  • Whether government proposals to improve leasehold conveyancing are likely to help or hinder property professionals
  • Unauthorised ‘fleeting’ subletting’s of a flat (e.g. through Airbnb) and what the lease might say about such dispositions
  • Disapplication where a management company refuses to issue a certificate of compliance and whether there is an absolute discretion to refuse
  • Estate comprising more than one block and issues arising where the lease does not clearly indicate the extent of the estate
  • Service charge, costs of repairs and improvements distinguished, why the differences matter
  • Alterations: Distinguishing between absolute and qualified covenants, looking out for any traps hidden in the Licence for Alterations

Contemporary Issues in Residential Conveyancing

Presented By Stephen Desmond

This presentation looks at a range of current issues that will be of interest to the busy residential conveyancer and how they are likely to affect your day-to-day practice.

The content will be updated in the light of recent developments.

  • SDLT and relief for first time buyers: Matters for practitioners to consider
  • Property ‘hijacking’ and bogus vendors: lessons from recent cases
  • Raising awareness of key anti money laundering professional obligations
  • Major elements of updated guidance on coal mining searches
  • What a recent case on Japanese knotweed tells us about the rights of property owners affected
  • Keeping up to date with selective amendments to Land Registry Practice Guide